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How to Design a New Home

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Builders desiging a new home

Effective internal and external design is crucial for a new home. The foundation of any home design is the clever use of space, especially with lot sizes in Perth becoming smaller.  

At TERRACE, we have a lot of experience making clever use of space with the most practical narrow-lot home designs Perth has to offer.

Here are our top internal and external design tips for new homes.

Tip 1: Choose your land wisely

Site constraints like adverse soil conditions can affect the design and cost of a new home, so it’s important to choose your block of land wisely.

Tip 2: Take advantage of any elevation that your land may have

Capitalise on any views that you may have on your land by incorporating a balcony and the strategic placement of windows in your home design. 

Tip 3: Make your home as energy-efficient as possible

Energy-efficiency is an increasingly important consideration in modern home design with the cost of energy having risen considerably in recent years.

You can incorporate energy-efficiency in your home design in a variety of ways. For example, via including skylights and the strategic placement of windows to capture as much natural light and breezes as possible. This will lower your ongoing energy costs by reducing your need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. 

You can also lower your energy costs by making sure that the main living spaces in your home face the right direction. Ideally, your bedrooms and living areas should be facing north-east as much as possible so that your home will naturally be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This is because north-east-facing areas get sun in the early morning rather than in the afternoon when it tends to be hotter. 

Tip 4: Ensure your internal design is functional

A functional floor plan ensures that you have all of the rooms and storage space that you need in your home. For example, two, three or four bedrooms, a bathroom, ensuite, kitchen, dining and lounge areas. 

Tip 5: Ensure your internal design is flowing

A flowing floor plan ensures that all of your functional areas are ideally positioned and create clever zones with your home. For example:

  • Your bedrooms should be positioned away from your entertaining spaces,
  • Your bathroom shouldn’t face your dining room or your lounge room,
  • Your kitchen should connect with your dining and living rooms, and
  • Your indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces should link as much as possible. 

Tip 6: Ensure your internal design is flexible 

A flexible floor plan will allow you to adjust your layout to suit your future needs as they inevitably change over time with changing family circumstances. For example, a bedroom that can be converted to a home office space or vice versa. 

Tip 7: Have a balance between open plan and private spaces 

Great contemporary home design strikes a balance between open plan areas and more private, cosy areas. This allows you to have the best of both worlds to cater for different needs and situations. 

How we can help

 At TERRACE, we specialise in the smart design and building of two-storey, three-storey, narrow-lot, and micro-lot homes. If you choose to build with us, you will have a dedicated building and design consultant with you every step of the way from planning through to the completion of your new home. 

Our extensive range of home designs all make clever use of space. Why not visit one of our TERRACE display homes in Perth at one of the following locations?

  • Alkimos
  • Cockburn Central
  • Ellenbrook
  • Banksia Grove
  • Bennett Springs

We’d love to see you and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have.


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