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Tim Davies Landscaping – How to maximise a small space

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Matte black outdoor seating area.

Tim Davies Landscaping designs the incredible courtyard spaces in TERRACE homes. The Team at Tim Davies Landscaping have 5 key tips for landscaping smaller spaces:

1 | Go higher

Enhance your space and the illusion of size by planting vertically. Using raised planters not only give plantings an added height to aid in screening, they also allow for ease of maintenance. Added functionality with planter walls being used as seats, will reduce clutter with elimination of the need for scattered chairs and benches. Espaliered plants on a blank wall will add interest and aid to screen and distract unsightly plain walls.

2 | Repetition is key

2 | Repetition is key
Using a restrained number of repeated planting combinations will create a balanced and cohesively harmonious space.

3 | Think Dark

Create an additional sense of depth in a small space by painting out boundary walls and fences in a dark colour. The darker tones create the illusion of a shadow. The green of plants then pops out to catch the eye and any furniture, pots or focal feature then takes centre stage.

4 | Be irregular

Irregular paving edge offsets add depth. The staggered edge then blurs the combination of materials & softens sight lines to give an illusion of a greater sense of space.

5 | Use perspective

Straight lines add depth to a space. By narrowing lines to a focal point will enhance depth. Focal points are elements that catch the eye and lead you through a space visually. Limit the number of focal points in a small space.

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