Narrow Lot Home Designs

TERRACE is all about a new way of living through clever two storey design. With blocks of land getting smaller, TERRACE has embraced this trend and homeowners will be pleasantly surprised what can be achieved on a narrow block when floor plans are designed to suit the block, not the other way around. Pair that with beautiful architecturally designed elevations, you can then see why TERRACE is taking the market by storm.

The team at TERRACE are creating clever new ways to take advantage of narrow blocks around Perth. So if you think you will have to sacrifice the style and luxury of your home for a narrower block of land, think again. Backed by one of WA’s Largest Builders’ BGC, TERRACE has the expertise to deliver quality two and three storey narrow lot home designs that offer you and your family all the space and features for your dream home, no matter the size or shape of your block.


Luxury Living Without Compromise

Building on a narrow lot doesn’t mean you can’t have the home you have always dreamed of. At TERRACE, we work smart when building and designing to ensure your home suits the needs of your block size, lifestyle and budget. We have carefully created an extensive range of two storey home designs on 4.5 metre, 6 metre and 7.5 metre blocks to make the most of your narrow lot by maximising the shape, functionality, liveability and style.

At the heart of every TERRACE home is a clever use of space along with thoughtful, considered features all designed so that you can live a little better. Using innovative design techniques that open up the space such as high ceilings, open floor plans and large windows, our team has developed a fantastic range of architecturally designed two and three storey narrow lot homes that are both stylish and spacious so you don’t have to settle for anything less than your dream home.


Something for Everyone

At TERRACE, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why all of our homes are fully customisable with flexible floor plan options. We recognise that every homeowner will be looking for something different depending on their personal preferences and sometimes a narrow lot home won’t suit your needs perfectly. So by offering you flexibility over your design and layout, you can now make your home truly yours.


You can get into your TERRACE home today from just $299,000*. Come down and visit our two storey display homes to see just how TERRACE can take advantage of every available square meter of your narrow lot block.

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